Home security assessment – 9th September

We have arranged to have two local locksmiths visit our neighbourhood watch area next Wednesday evening – 9th September.    Brian Molloy from D15 Locksmiths and Harry Lacey from Lacey Locksmiths will be in the area from 6pm to 9pm and they will be available to visit individual households to carry out a brief security assessment.   Locked house

The assessment will take approximately 10 minutes for each household that registers an interest and will provide some insights into potential areas of security vulnerability and the recommended options to remedy this vulnerability.  There will be no cost for the assessment and there is no obligation to make a purchase.

Both have agreed to offer a 10% discount from their normal rates to householders that get them to do some work following the assessment.   They understand that the longer term opportunity to build a productive relationship with the neighbourhood watch group is contingent on them providing value and not engaging in a hard sell to householders.  I am confident that they will respect this but would ask anyone who has an issue to let us know.

Because we will only be able to accommodate a limited number of households on the night we ask that you register your interest by contacting us at info@pineshadleigh.com.

We will allocate the places on a fist come first served basis and will try to provide a narrower time window once we see how many are interested.   We If we are unable to cater for all households that are interested on the 9th we can arrange a follow up on another occasion.

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