Wishing you a very happy and peaceful Christmas

We received great support during 2015 which has allowed us to become a more active group and we look forward to building on this into 2016.  Special thanks to our street coordinators, the Community Policing team in Blanchardstown and all those who got involved in helping organize the social outing and other events.

There are just a few updates and reminders for the time of year.santa_upside_down_chimney_400_clr_1553 (1)

Holiday travel:
Many people will travel over the Christmas time to visit relatives and friends.   As always when you plan to be away ask a trusted friend or neighbour to keep watch and make sure that your neighbours know who to contact in the case of an alarm activation.

Christmas tree recycling:
Fingal county council have advised that the green on Auburn Avenue is NO LONGER a drop off point for the recycling of Christmas trees.    The recycling centre for Castleknock and Blanchardstown is Millenium Park Car Park in Coolmine.  The dumping of trees on the Auburn Avenue site is illegal and presents a safety risk.    We have asked Fingal to put up a sign to this effect but we have not yet had this confirmed.

Bogus callers
This time of year generally sees a higher level of charity callers and collections.  Gardai have advised that this time of year also sees a higher level of bogus callers and collections. While we do not want to discourage charitable acts, we would advise against engaging with strangers calling to your door for collections or as tradespeople.

Winter Security Info-graphic:
The Gardai produced a very good info-graphic for Winter security which is available on our site here.  There was no mention of seasonal entry via the chimney so we should be in good shape for a certain welcome visitor on night of Christmas eve.   No doubt our younger Neighbourhood Watchers will be keeping watch on the evening of the 24th

Have a very Happy and Peaceful Christmas.

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