We plan to hold the AGM for the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme on Tuesday April 26th.    The meeting will take place in St. Brigid’s GAA club, Russell Park, Navan Road at 8pm.     We have enjoyed great support from the members of the scheme during the last year and we look forward to seeing many of you at the meeting.

The  agenda for the meeting is as follows:

1.       Area Coordinator’s update on Neighbourhood Watch activities

  • a.       Communications
  • b.       Reported incidents
  • c.       Other activities – Social, Locksmiths
  • d.       Recognition of those that contributed to the Scheme
  • e.       Coordination with other Schemes

2.       Plans for 2016/17

  • a.       Garda Text Alert.
  • b.       Neighbourhood Watch Signage.
  • c.       Other activities – Social, Security Awareness, Community.
  • d.       Suggestions to improve the scheme.
  • e.       Concerns that we should address.

3.       Budget for 2016/17 and Proposed subscription to cover costs

  • a.       Initial one off payment of €10 per household to cover both 2016 and 2017
  • b.       No more than €5 per household per annum thereafter unless approved by an AGM.

4.       Confirmation of Area Coordinator, Street Coordinators, Treasurer, Secretary for the coming year.

5.       Approval to open Post Office account.

6.       Any other business.

If you have suggested additions to the agenda or other suggestions on how we can improve the scheme for the benfit of the area please let me know.

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