2016 AGM

AGM Minutes:

The AGM of the Scheme was held in St. Brigid’s GAA club on 26th April.   We had a 42 people from the scheme in attendance on the night with apologies from many other members.NW Logo

  1. Minutes were read from 2015 AGM
  2. Area Coordinator’s Report 2015/16
  • Contact details:
    • 141 houses in scheme area
    • Currently have 85% mobile coverage and 78% email coverage
  • Communications
    • 20 individual communications during the last year
    • Launch of website www.pineshadleigh.com
    • Quarterly communication with Gardaí
  • Outline of Reported Incidents:
    • Car theft, Break in and car theft, Two Car windows broken and gloveboxes searched
    • Number of attempted break in attempts – locks tampered with, windows opened, alarms triggered
    • Anti-social behaviour – kicking over bins, additional mention at the meeting of some anti-social behaviour at the green beside Pecks lane and the Pines.
    • Number of alerts around suspicious activities
  • Other activities:
    • Golf and Social – 33 golfers and over 50 for meal and social
    • Security review – D15 and Lacey Locksmiths – 17 houses on the night plus others thereafter
    • Christmas trees – sought early clarification from Fingal Co. Co. Further work to be done in advance of the Christmas season in 2016.
  • Thank you to all that support the scheme
    • Gardaí, Street coordinators, scheme members, Volunteers, locksmiths sponsors and other neighbourhood watch scheme

3. Outline of Plans for 2016 / 17

  •  Garda Text Alert.
    • Hosted solution from Sendmode – approved service provider.
    • 189 mobile numbers from the scheme provided to Sendmode (without name and address data)
    • Have applied to Gardaí for inclusion in the Text Alert scheme and awaiting for approval.
    • Cost around €0.06 per text
  • Neighbourhood Watch Signage.
    • Garda approved signage – provided by Rennicks and erected by Co Co.
    • Agreed to look for signage in 5 locations – Neighbourhood watch and text alert area
      • Pines and Auburn Avenue junction – both sides
      • Entrance to Hadleigh Green
      • Hadleigh Court and Auburn Avenue junction
      • Hadleigh Court and Pecks lane junction
  • Security awareness
    • Will look to repeat locksmith’s security review for those that missed last year
    • Will try to schedule one other security awareness talk.
  • Social
    • Social and golf Friday 9th September
    • Tee times booked in Castleknock Golf Club from 2.00pm to 3.30pm
    • Emphasis as much on social as it is on the Golf – would welcome some volunteers to help organize.
  •  Suggestions to improve the scheme.
    • Consider how we can become more proactive as a group.    Discussion around more communication within each road and agreement to distribute contact details for the street coordinators for each road to the people on the road.
    • Need to keep the scheme focused on Neighbourhood watch activities.
  •  Concerns that we should address.
    • Nature of the issues change throughout the year and over time.   Seems like burglars are able to know when house is empty even for a few minutes.    Gardaí have warned that they use flyer drops, tradesmen in the area and other tactics to have legitimised reasons to call to houses and test who is around.    Reminder not to engage with bogus traders.
    • Neighbourhood watch group to ask Gardaí for additional advice on this topic and share with scheme members.
    • Traffic turning right from Auburn Avenue to use the Pines as a route to avoid traffic
      • No right turn being ignored
      • Cars speeding through the Pines
      • NW agreed to raise with Gardaí
      •  Also suggest local residents raise with Fingal and local politicians
    • Number of community Gardaí in Blanchardstown district reduced in September.

4. Outline Budget for 2016/17 agreed and approved at the meeting  2016 17 budget

5. Voluntary contribution agreed and approved at the meeting

  • Initial one off payment €10 per household to cover for both 2016 and 2017.
  • No more than €5 per household per annum thereafter unless approved by AGM.
  • Street coordinators will collect in the coming weeks – receipt will be issued to all.

6. Confirmed Area Coordinator, Street Coordinators, Treasurer, Secretary.

  • Area Coordinator: Lorcan Sheehan
  • Street Coordinators: Liam Delaney, Ruth Hogan, John Murphy, Charlie O’Connor, John Nolan, Peter Blessing, Paddy O’Reilly, Tom Kennington, Freda Gallagher, Dan O’Shea, Carmel Grogan.
  • Treasurer: Carmel Grogan
  • Secretary: Ruth Hogan
  • Open to additional volunteers for street coordinator – especially in Hadleigh Park and Hadleigh Green.

7. Approval given to open Post Office account.

  • Four signatories – Two required to withdraw funds
  • Confirmed: Lorcan Sheehan, Carmel Grogan, Liam Delaney, Ruth Hogan

8. Thank you to all that attended and that showed support for the scheme.

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