Lock up Light up

An Garda Siochana (‘AGS’) released some Locked houseupdated crime statistics to reflect the impact of Operation Thor which was launched to tackle domestic burglaries which was launched on 2nd November 2015.   Since then domestic burglaries have fallen nationally by approximately 30%.

However as we approach the winter months we need to be vigilant as traditionally burglaries rise in winter time.

Some selected stats from AGS.

  •   In winter, residential burglaries increase by 23%.
  • Over 45% of residential burglaries in winter occur between 5pm and 11pm – dark evenings present  opportunity.
  • In almost 1 in 5 burglaries, entry is through an unsecured door or window – plese lock up.
  • Jewellery and cash are the most common objects stolen during burglaries.
  • Front door, rear door and rear windows account for 79% of access routes for burglars.
  • There were over 160 cases where car keys were “fished” through the letterbox in the past year.  Most of these in Dublin area and almost all of these preventable by storing your keys away from letterboxes.
  • More incidents reported by an alarm activation were detected than not detected.

Whether you are at home or going out:

  • remember to turn on some lights, use timer switches,
  • lock all doors and windows,
  • use your alarm, and
  • store keys away from windows and letter boxes.
  • keep an eye out for suspicious activity in your area and report anything suspicious to the Gardaí on 01 6667000.

                                                              Lock Up and  Light Up.

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