AGM Monday 24th April

Our Neighbourhood Watch AGM will take place next Monday night at 8.15pm in the Parish centre in Beechpark.    Locked house

In addition to our previously published agenda we hope to have some representation from the local Garda Community Policing Team on hand to answer any questions.

We are hoping for a good turnout so we would love to see you there if it suits.

  • Review of 2016 AGM minutes and actions.
  • Review of activity and the work of the Neighbourhood Watch group for the past year.
  • Financial update and report.
  • Plans for 2017 / 18
  • Confirmation of Area coordinator, street coordinator, secretary and treasurer roles.
  • Q&A with local community policing team (subject to operational availability)
  • Any other business.

You can download a copy of the financial report and last year’s minutes here if you want to do some pre-reading.    As always we are interested in any suggestions on how we can improve the scheme and any extra volunteers who want to get involved.

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