Neighbourhood Watch Update

January activity:

After a quiet 2017 we ended up having a more eventful January than we would have liked.   
We had a couple of attempted break-ins in the area, some opportunistic theft from unlocked cars and one of our neighbours had their car stolen (since recovered).     We can take comfort that nobody was injured in any of the events but are reminded of the continued need for vigilance.

The Gardaí have reported at least one success with an arrest in the area in late January of an individual with the tools for breaking and entering.

Christmas Trees:

With some more cooperation with Fingal on signage, increased awareness of the legal nature of the dumping offence and support from the community, the instances of dumping of Christmas trees on Auburn Avenue was reduced to a trickle.    Thank you to all that helped support this improvement.

Voluntary contribution:

At our last AGM we agreed that we would seek another contribution of €10 from homes early this year to cover expenses for 2018 and 2019.       We are on track for the budget that we presented at the last AGM and we look forward to presenting a full account of our expenditure at our next AGM.

The contributions go to meet key expenses for the group:

– Website and email hosting                         ~ €70

– Text alerts                                                  ~ €351

– Contribution towards meeting rooms         ~ €100

– In 2016 /17 we also had the cost of the NW signs which was a one off.

Over the next couple of weeks, our street coordinators will call to distribute notifications of the voluntary contribution renewal to all homes in the area and they will provide written receipts for contributions made.
It is a voluntary contribution and if any household would prefer not to participate just let us know.


We plan to host our next AGM in late April and we will come back to you shortly with dates.     If you have ideas on how we can improve the Neighbourhood Watch or if you would like to become more involved please let us know.

Thank you for your support as always.

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