Giving neighbours a dig out


Congratulations to all who sponsnow crewstaneously gave their neighbours a ‘dig out’ over the past few days.  The neighbourhood is a warren of paths and hopefully nature will play its part and assist with the thaw in the coming days.

A particular shout out to some of the younger volunteers, who left the Xboxes behind for some real life ‘Call of Duty’ and got stuck in with shovel and brushes.

We are blessed to live in an area where there is a strong community spirit.    The neighbourhood watch has benefited from this cooperation over the last few years and at times like this it shines.    While we hope that the worst of the weather has passed, there may still be some that need assistance in the coming days.

With the thaw, there may be some additional problems with a risk of flooding and there are still many paths and roads that, while better than recent days, are still very icy and dangerous.

People starting their cars after several days may find that their batteries are flat.   We have a kind offer from a neighbour with a mobile jump start kit who will make it available where needed.    Please contact me on the number below if needed and I can connect you with them.

Hopefully we will not experience this type of weather too frequently, but now may also be a good time to think through what to gather into an emergency box of supplies to keep in the house for the future.     We were lucky that when we did experience a power cut, it was brief and occurred at a time when many could retire to bed in an already warm house.

If you have pictures from the snow in our area that you would like to share, please email them to us and we will post them on    For those of you with facebook you can also follow us on or twitter on @pineshadleighnw.

We still remind you of the need to remain alert on the security front, for scam callers and collectors.      Earlier in the week, Gardaí were called to Woodview Park – just off Auburn Avenue – where some individuals with balaclavas and a crowbar were seen acting suspiciously.   Gardaí responded but nothing was found.

Please report anything suspicious to the Gardaí in Blanchardstown on 01 6667000 or if urgent on 999.

Thank you for your support.     Stay safe and stay warm.

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