2019 AGM Minutes

Minutes of AGM


Thirty seven neighbours attended the meeting.
We also had a representative from Beechpark Lawn (they have expressed an interest in getting involved in Neighbourhood Watch) and speakers from Castleknock Tidy Towns and Joe Moonan from B-at-Ease security solutions.
Apologies were received from 9 neighbours and from Garda Alex McDermott Roe and Garda Karen Baxter.

2. Prior year minutes

The minutes of 2018 AGM were taken as read and approved by the attendees.

3. Area co-ordinators report 2018/2019

Reported Incidents to the NW:

  2015/16 2016/17 2017/18 2018/19
Break ins 1 1 0 1
Car theft 2 0 1 0
Items stolen from cars 2 3 3 1
Attempted break-ins 3 2-3 3 1
Anti-social behaviour 2 0 0 0
Suspicious tradesmen / activity Multiple Multiple Multiple Multiple
Christmas trees dumped Lots Later but still lots Much improved 😊

Engaging with unknown callers / trades to our doors poses a risk to you and to your neighbours.

  • Provides them with a valid excuse to be in the area
  • Overcharging / charging for work not done / looking for cash up front and not doing work
  • Insurance risk in case of injury
  • Distraction burglary

Check that cars are locked at night – nothing visible that would attract opportunistic thieves.
Text alerts and communications:

  2015/16 2016/17 2017/18 2018/19
Text alerts – Gardaí 0 5 2 1
Text alerts – NW Group 0 12 19 9
Text messages – NW Group ~6 ~ 7 10 7
eMail messages 14 20 22 10


  2015/16 2016/17 2017 /18 2018 / 19 Comment
Neighbours Golf 33 30 24 27 Castleknock GC
Neighbours Night 50 70 58 71 Vue Restaurant
Locksmiths assessment 20 12 NA NA D15 & Lacey
Crime prevention talk NA NA 35 NA Sgt. V Connolly
Alarms and CCTV talk NA NA NA 39 AGM

4.Treasurers Report


Accounts are shown to the 31st March each year.   Household contributions received €40.
Received a grant from Muntir Na Tire of €350 which covers the expenditure on the Text alerts.   We may get further grants, but this is only allocated annually, and we do not budget for same.
The neighbours’ night was funded by direct contributions to the restaurant and golf club with sponsors providing prizes, with the aim to run at breakeven.   In 2018 we had a slight excess of €35.
We finished the year with €1,163 and based on this financial position we do not need to raise additional funds from members in 2019/20.

5. Other points:

·        Trusted Trades on www.pineshadleigh.com/trades
·        Thank you to our Sponsors – listed on www.pineshadleigh.com
·        Right turn from Auburn Avenue – new signage, road markings and time restrictions.
·        Thank you to the Gardaí for their ongoing support – especially Garda Alex McDermott, Garda Karen Baxter.
·        Thank you to all the volunteers that give their time to support the NW.

6.  Plans for 2019/2020

Continued communications and awareness /  collaboration with other local groups.

  • Ongoing collaboration with neighbouring NW groups, Deerpark, Park Ave, College Grove.
  • Pecks Lane have expressed an interest in establishing NW.   We will help advise them based on our experience to date.
  • Beechpark Lawn have expressed some interest in joining our NW and we will progress this in the coming months
  • Support community efforts e.g. Tidy towns.

Security and social events

  • Although it is relatively quiet currently, additional security themed events/actions may be considered during the year in relation to alarms, CCTV, locksmiths as well as  bicycle security.
  • Continued local awareness is absolutely essential.

The golf and social night will take place again in early September.
7. Appointment of Area Coordinator, street coordinators, treasurer, secretary 2019/2020


The current team have made themselves available to support the scheme again in 2019/20 – This was approved by the meeting.
The attenders specifically  thanked the current team for their dedication and input into the NW.
Area Coordinator: Lorcan Sheehan
Street Coordinator: Liam Delaney, John Murphy, Charlie O’Connor, John Nolan, Peter Blessing, Tom Kennington, Freda Gallagher, Dan O’Shea, Carmel Grogan and Ruth Hogan.
Treasurer: Carmel Grogan                                          Secretary: Freda Gallagher.

8. Castleknock Tidy Towns Initiatives

Evelyn Pender, Castleknock Tidy Towns, gave a presentation on the plans for the coming year. The approach roads around Castleknock will be prioritised for the first year with weekly clean-ups.   The team meet in Myo’s car park at 10am every Saturday morning and it is followed by coffee in the Silver Spoon at 12pm.
Several of our households are actively involved and they will always welcome more volunteers.    There is a Castleknock Tidy Towns facebook page and we agreed that if anybody had suggestions from our area, we can route them through the NW and we will pass them along.

9. Security Update – Joe Moonan,  B at Ease Security Solutions.

A very informative presentation on house alarms, monitoring, and CCTV was followed by Q&A.
Some key inputs:
– Shop around when looking for house alarms and monitoring.   Always use a registered provider.
– Several options on monitoring – no monitoring, self monitoring text alerts, remote monitoring
– Use the alarm system when you are in the house to provide added security.   Set up with Zones that you can adjust.
– CCTV systems – many options available.    Be careful on some of the new systems that rely on broadband as most broadband signals can be easily cut / disabled.
– The Gardai consider that the best deterrents  to burglaries include an alarm system, Lighting, and CCTV.
– Offer of a free assessment if needed for homes in our area.

10.  Community Policing

Local Crime Stats were presented for the greater Castleknock area from Jan to April.   Highlighted that although we have had a quiet year, that there is a continuing level of criminality in the area with Burglaries (23), criminal damage, car thefts, bicycle thefts and drugs offences.
Recent trend that Japanese imports more likely to be stolen in the area. Reminder to people to secure their cars. Bikes recently stolen outside shops.
The commonest entry point for burglars is through back door. Main items taken are jewellery and cash
Good news is that Blanchardstown  GS due to receive 7 new Community Gardai this year.

11.  Any other business

– Some discussion around traffic in the area but acknowledged that this is beyond the scope of the NW.
– Thanks to Castleknock Tennis club for hosting

Thanks to all for their attendance, input and continued support.

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