Full Moon tonight! High Winds and Spooky

Full moon tonight!   Storm force winds! The area is filled with ghosts and goblins that have been condemned to haunt a specific place for hundreds of years (beginning to know how they feel!).

Only came across the story of the ‘White Lady of Castleknock’ this week.     Extract below from the reynoldshistorycastleknockblog.wordpress.com/ 

A renowned ghost, the ‘White Lady of Castleknock’  is said to appear in the vicinity of the hill at the college.

This goes back to the sixteenth century and the kidnapping of Eileen, beautiful daughter of a Wicklow Chieftain called O’Byrne, by the notorious John Tyrell, brother of the sixth Baron of Castleknock. Anticipating violence at the hands of Tyrell, Eileen is said to have bled to death, having opened her veins with a breast pin.

The ghost of Eileen, a white-robed female figure is said to move around the castle walls at night.

If anyone is aware of additional local ghosts feel free to share in response to this email or on the WhatsApp social feeds.

While circumstances will mean that we will miss our trick or treaters tonight we would like to encourage people to share pictures of their Ghastly Ghouls on the WhatsApp group or by tagging @pineshadleighnw on twitter.  

Happy Halloween everyone!    Stay safe.

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