Watch those Open Windows!

With the current humid weather many of us will have open windows front and back to get some air flowing through the house.

While this solves an air conditioning problem for us it also presents a world of opportunity for the burglar looking for easy access points to houses.

Bins in front of side gates also make for a convenient stepping stone to access back gardens (frequently guilty of this one myself).

Our tips for the day:

  • Make sure that you close all windows when leaving your house unattended.
  • Be careful leaving particularly downstairs windows open.
  • Avoid keeping bins in a place that they can be used to access your back garden
  • Do not engage with casual contractors that call to sell at your door
  • As always keep a look out for any suspicious characters in the neighbourhood.

If you see something suspicious please phone the Gardaí on 01 6667000.

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