Keyless car protection

We have mentioned before reports of thieves with devices for accessing some of the newer keyless car models.

This morning we had an attempted car theft in the Pines which was caught on CCTV which demonstrated just how fast and simple the process is for those with the right equipment.

  • Would-be thief arrives on a bicycle with a small backpack on his back.
  • Walks into drive way and places the backpack against the front window of the house
  • 5 seconds later opens the car with a small electronic device that is about the size of a mobile phone.
  • Unplugs the car (electric)
  • Gets into the car and tries to start it but in this case the signal was most likely not strong enough to start the car.
  • Gets out of the car and moves the backpack to another window and then tries to start the car again.  Fails again.
  • Gets out of the car.   Locks it, plugs it back in and leaves again on his bicycle.

If the CCTV (doorbell cam) had not triggered an alert, there would have been no evidence that anything happened.Faraday box 400

The keys in this case were inside in the rear of the house and most likely that is the positioning within the house that prevented the car from starting but that was more luck than necessarily design.

For those of you with keyless cars the advice is to keep the keys in a box or pouch when not in use that blocks the signal.  These boxes are available online (faraday box or pouch) or in shops like Halfords for around €20.   A tin box may also achieve the same result.

Please be aware that we have someone in the area that is using this equipment and take appropriate precautions.

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