Neighbourhood Watch Communications

Thank you to all of the households that have completed antenna_tower_800_clr_1851your contact request forms and provided them back to your street coordinators. Having email and mobile phone numbers available for households provides us with a number of ways to communicate and keep you up to date as requested at the last AGM.

We are now also pleased to launch this simple website for the group. In the short term we will use a combination of email and the website to keep you up to date and we are in the process of working on a text alert facility which we hope to launch with your support in the coming months.

The website contains some information about contact details, security tips and a blog type of format that we will use to provide occasional updates to you all.    These updates will include additional security considerations, event details and notifications in relation to criminal suspicious activity in the area.   We rely on your inputs to keep us informed so please keep in contact with your street coordinators and advise them of any issues of concern.

There is a comments feature that will allow users to post comments back to posts on the site and a subscription option to allow you to receive automatic alerts by email when a new post or comment is received. We have built a workflow that will have someone manually review and approve comments before they are posted on the site so there may be a slight delay before comments on posts appear. Inappropriate or abusive comments will not be approved and we would ask that take care if commenting not to provide details which potentially identify individuals, car registrations or make other comments about items such as race or nationality. In most cases common sense should be a good guide and I trust that you will support us in applying our judgement in these matters.

There are links on the side to the Garda website, to an external site called ‘fix my street’ which can be used to report issues such as broken street lights to Fingal (although we have not used this ourselves to date) and also to a similar site that is maintained by the Riverwood Residents Association. In the future we hope to share other information on the site and we welcome your suggestions via the ‘Contact us’ section of the site.

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